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JetBlue's $10 fares snatched up in 10th anniversary promotion

11/05/2010 14:05

Jet Blue, the New York-based carrier with the "Happy Jetting" advertising tagline, made thousands of jet-setters very happy indeed Monday when it announced a one-day fare sale that had all remaining inventory on its non-stop flights system-wide for today and Wednesday going for the rock-bottom price of $10 each way.


There were strings attached of-course. All flights had to be booked online, only for those two days (even the return) and the fare was only valid to destinations that could be reached non-stop from the departure city. But Jet Blue even threw in a "first bag checked free" offer with the promotion, which was designed to draw attention to the carrier's 10th anniversary.


Jet Blue, whose main hub is at New York's Kennedy Airport, serves only three markets non-stop out Chicago: New York, Boston and Long Beach, Calif. By midday Monday, it was pretty much impossible to find a seat for Tuesday or Wednesday to any of those three destinations from Chicago.


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