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World Travel & Tourism Council Sponsors Best Practice Awards

01/09/2009 16:10

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is now inviting tourism companies and organizations from around the world that can demonstrate best practice in sustainable tourism development to submit their applications for the 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, Dec. 2.


“The awards, now in their sixth year under WTTC’s stewardship, exemplify the council’s multi-stakeholder vision set out in the Blueprint for New Tourism that looks beyond short-term considerations and focuses on benefits not only for the people who travel, but also for people in the communities they visit, and for their respective natural, social and cultural environments,” said Jean-Claude Baumgarten, president and CEO of WTTC.


“The travel and tourism industry as a whole has radically changed the way it views sustainability, moving it from the sidelines to centre stage,” said Costas Christ, chairman of judges of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.


The finalists and winners will be publicly recognized and will meet government and industry leaders at the Awards ceremony, which takes place at WTTC’s annual Global Travel & Tourism Summit. The awards are known for their rigorous judging process that follows a three-step approach.


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