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Which travel firms do Twitter well (and badly)?

13/05/2009 10:34

Getting hold of easyJet’s customer services team has always been a bit of a challenge. Firstly, it’s notoriously difficult to find the phone number on the company’s website. Then, when you do eventually track down the number, you are charged up to £1 a minute to speak to a real human being.


But now there’s an easier way. You can log onto easyJet on Twitter, the micro-blogging website, and chat with a friendly member of easyJet’s customer relations team called Paul Hopkins. Paul answers questions from passengers, chases down complaints and even gives out his personal email address.


EasyJet is one of the latest travel companies to appear on Twitter, using the site to deal with complaints, get feedback from customers and generally present itself as a friendly caring airline. Last time we looked, Paul had posted 474 updates and collected 189 followers.


In recent weeks, dozens of airlines, airports, tour operators and tourist boards have flocked onto Twitter. Not all are using it effectively. Here’s our pick of the winners – and the losers .


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