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UNWTO Future Vision: Tourism towards 2030

21/11/2008 18:43

UNWTO launches its new long-term research programme UNWTO Future Vision: Tourism Towards 2030. The study will forecast international tourism growth through the year 2030 and identify key actual and future trends and their impact on tourism development.


It will combine industry data with the views of UNWTO members, tourism practitioners, trends experts and academics around the world. This initiative will update the previous Tourism 2020 Vision, which has become the definitive global reference on the future of tourism.


UNWTO Future Vision: Tourism Towards 2030 will provide a comprehensive view on the global and regional future tourism scenarios which will assist UNWTO members and other stakeholders in the formulation of their tourism development and marketing strategies. The study will be officially presented at the upcoming UNWTO General Assembly (Republic of Kazakhstan, first week of October 2009).


“Tourism Towards 2030 is a cornerstone of our view of the future. It is a body of work that will be used and relied upon by thousands of private and public sector operators within the tourism sector over the next decade”, said UNWTO Assistant Secretary-General Geoffrey Lipman.


“This programme highlights our continued commitment to helping the sector, and UNWTO members in particular, develop long-term strategic plans. During this time of global economic uncertainty it is easy to take your eye off the longer term future. To do that would be a mistake in a sector that requires global cooperation and forward planning on a uniquely large scale”, he added.


UNWTO invites to join the project

This unique and ambitious project offers several opportunities for public and private sector organisations to engage.


UNWTO offers sponsorship possibilities for all organisations interested in being an active part of this exciting endeavour and welcomes every commentator and data provider who wants to join the programme.


A collaborative effort

UNWTO Future Vision: Tourism Towards 2030 is executed in collaboration with futures consultancy The Trajectory Partnership which was awarded the project following an international competitive tendering process.


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