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Tight budgets push Americans online for travel information

29/08/2008 11:29

Now may be the time to push those bargain basement deals by advertising on travel websites. That, according to a recent comScore report which shows that consumers are increasing their trafficking of online travel and information sites as the search for the best travel deals.


In July, travel sites were the top gaining websites according to the report. The ground/cruise category saw a 10% bump to nearly 13 million visitors. The hotels/resorts category also saw a nice bump of 6% to more than 34 million visitors.


"Ground travel and cruise sites gained once again, as many Americans sought more budget friendly ways to enjoy their summer vacations amid economic and fuel price concerns," said Jack Flanagan, Executive Vice President of comScore Media Metrix.


Other top gaining categories were entertainment and celebrity news.


With more people paying attention to their pocket books, even during their down time, it makes sense to target ads touting big savings deals while they are in-market. Although consumers may be visiting a travel sites and therefore thinking about vacation, it doesn't mean the won't also become engaged with ads for back to school sales, computer deals or new gaming products.


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