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Thomas Cook customers rate trips online

05/12/2008 22:18

More than 300,000 Thomas Cook customers who have travelled in the past 12 months have added their holiday and hotel ratings to

This recently added function is just one of many made possible by the new eCommerce platform upon which the site now operates.

The search capabilities have been revamped to include more content, imagery and videos, and advanced search filters have been added.

Russell Gould, director of eCommerce, said: “Our aim is to ensure we present a realistic and impartial view of each holiday and hotel, which is why we have created the functionality for our customers to complete reviews.

“We are also introducing new processes to allow visitors to filter relevant reviews from similar travellers; for instance, only reviews from people who have travelled as a family with young children can be selected.”

The site also personalises content based on visitor preferences or behaviour.

For example, a user who has been searching for a snow holiday in January 2009 may be shown snow imagery on the homepage and applicable promotions, whereas a visitor who has been searching for a beach holiday during the same winter month may be shown winter-sun promotions.


Source: TTGLive



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