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TAM Signs 10-Year Partnership With Amadeus

14/09/2009 19:59

TAM and Amadeus announced a 10-year technology partnership to equip TAM with a new generation passenger service system. Amadeus will replace multiple legacy applications currently used by TAM, with a single integrated platform based on the Amadeus Altéa Customer Management Solution.


The new platform will manage all of TAM’s reservations, inventory and departure control processes. It will be fully integrated with the existing systems of the company’s two carriers, TAM Linhas Aereas and TAM Airlines.


Altéa’s central repository of data will enable TAM agents to access a common and constantly updated client profile, with their flight history and individual preferences. This capacity to recognize their passengers from the point of reservation through to baggage collection will enable the airline’s staff to offer a consistent and responsive service to their customers.


TAM will also adopt Amadeus’ suite of e-commerce services to support its websites and grow online sales. The airline’s IT director, Juliana Kfouri, explains that TAM opted for a modular system as a foundation for future growth, in line with the airline’s new momentum, and need to integrate with more than 20 airlines when it joins the Star Alliance.


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