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New branding tool could put marketers on the map

07/11/2008 11:19

With more consumers utilizing travel and mapping websites, it makes sense for marketers to follow. A new collaboration between the Travel Ad Network (TAN) and Lat49 could make the transition to travel advertising simpler because they offer mapvertising.


"We see this as a new performance product for our advertisers and a compelling revenue opportunity for our publishers that goes beyond the banner," said Cree Lawson, Founder and CEO of TAN.


Placing a relevant ad is the first step, but marketers also need to embrace a multi-channel philosophy - which includes social features. Consumers don't just want a cheaper hotel rate or an all-inclusive resort stay. Today's travel shopper wants to know exactly what is offered at Hotel A versus the offerings of Resort B; this means reviews and travelogues. Some are calling this phenomena Travel 2.0, whatever it is called, publishers and advertisers need to invest a bit of time and energy finding or creating reviews and community websites.


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