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Marketers may benefit from travel advertising

13/11/2008 21:59

According to a recent report from comScore, Travel Ad Network (TAN) is the top travel information network. According to the report, TAN's audience has reached more than 19.2 million users worldwide.


Researchers found that overall travel traffic did drop 4%; but that is likely because consumers aren't traveling as often.


"When you consider that economic concerns are overwhelming today's consumer and that price has become an even more critical variable in consumers' decision-making, it is no wonder that travel information is growing," says Brian Silver, President of Travel Ad Network. "We have more travel information in our network of sites than anyone anywhere including advice from experts and from users who use the social media aspects of many TAN sites to trade reviews and recommendations of places they been or want to go."


The key to online advertising, as many marketers know, is to go where the traffic is. With consumers turning to online travel hubs, it would make sense to spend a bit of the online budget with a few different travel networks. Spreading the wealth, so to speak, is a good way to figure out which sites' traffic is most beneficial to your product.


Source: BizReport



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