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Lufthansa Set to Fly to 204 Destinations in 81 Countries

24.03.2010 11:23

Lufthansa said the number of flights and destinations in its summer timetable for 2010 will remain virtually unchanged -- though fleet renewal marginally increases seat capacities. In the coming summer flight schedules, Lufthansa is serving an almost unchanged number of destinations with virtually the same number of flights as in the previous year. Seating capacity will be slightly higher.


On average, Lufthansa will operate 12,853 flights weekly in the summer schedules compared with 12,860 last summer. Despite a smaller fleet, available seating capacity is higher than the year-earlier level following successive fleet renewal and the replacement of older aircraft by larger types.


This effect is evident in both the continental and intercontinental fleet. Capacity overall (available seat-kilometers) is up year-on-year by 3.6 percent. Included in the calculation are the planned services with the Airbus A380, which is to begin scheduled flights with Lufthansa from June this year.


Lufthansa is serving 204 destinations in 81 countries in the summer timetable (compared to the prior year’s figures of 206 destinations in 78 countries). Six newcomers in the flight schedules are Rostock-Laage, Bari, Palermo, Zadar, Chisinau and Tashkent. Services in Europe have been marginally reduced to 11,445 flights weekly to German and European destinations (versus 11,519 flights in 2009). In contrast, flights in the long-haul, intercontinental network have been increased to a weekly 1,408 flights (versus 1,341 flights weekly in 2009).


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