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Local Internet Marketing Strategies for Franchised Hoteliers

15/09/2008 09:53

While major brands have become skilled eMarketers on the national and international level, franchised hotels are starting to realize that the hotel chains’ e-Commerce departments cannot possibly capture all available online revenue opportunities for their property.



Especially on the local level, franchisees are looking for new and innovative ways to generate incremental online revenues.


Franchised Hoteliers can boost revenues in these difficult economic times, generate incremental online bookings and business opportunities, improve occupancy, and "steal" market share from the competition by launching a comprehensive Local Internet Marketing Strategy.


Such a ROI-centric local strategy includes: property website optimizations (mini-site on brand website and independent property website); local search marketing; local strategic link building, property-level email marketing, key customer segment online initiatives, and local online sponsorships.


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