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Don't count on business to increase travel spend

07/10/2008 11:25

Consumers may be tightening their budgets in all categories on a personal level, but travel marketers shouldn't count on business travelers to pick up the slack.


According to a recent survey from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), only about one-third (36%) of survey respondents said they would travel more in the coming year.


One-third (33%) said they would travel the same amount next year and one third (31%) said they would travel less.


With such a mixed bag of results, what should marketers do?


First, ensure that as much advertising as possible tells travel consumers - business or personal - what they can save with your company. Because travel costs have increased with the cost of gas, many companies are cutting back on the number of trips executives can make. The same is being seen on a personal level. With less money to spend, consumers are looking for places close to home to visit during shorter vacation stays.


Second, target ads contextually. If your ads are matched to content that is relevant, for example tips of vacationing on a budget or how to pack more business into a business trip, consumers are more likely to engage with the ad and convert to a purchase.


Finally, look at the demand for certain destinations, price points or other travel information. If demand is highest for trips under $500 or for centrally located destinations, make sure that that information is making into your ad campaign.


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