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China to build Asia’s biggest ocean park

13/04/2009 13:13

Guangdong province in southern China will become home to Asia’s biggest ocean park, according to a Shanghai Daily report. The local government has announced plans to spend CNY3 billion (US$450 million) to develop the Changlong Ocean World project on Hengqin Island, with the first phase expected to start before the year end.


Construction will begin by 26 December 2009, and will be completed by 2012, the report states, citing the Land and Resources Bureau in Zhuhai City.

The first-phase of the project will cover 143 hectares, with a floor area of 1.2 million square metres, including an ocean theme park, an international ocean world and outdoor recreational facilities. The entire project will CNY10 billion, occupying a land area of 5km², according to the Macao Daily.

An environmental impact assessment is being conducted online seeking public opinion on the project's impact on water, atmosphere and the ecology.

Asia’s largest ocean park at present is Ocean Park Hong Kong, covering an area of 870,000m².


Source: TravelDailyAsia


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