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Britain's Antler Luggage Makes Waves with Liquis, Its Lightest Hard-Sided Case Ever

16/02/2011 09:04

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., (PRNewswire/ -- For many years, Antler Luggage—Great Britain's leading luggage brand—has perpetually redefined the meaning of "lightweight" bags.


Since launching its U.S. line at the Travel Goods Show two years ago, Antler has charmed American travelers with its ultra-lightweight, soft-sided cases, including Size Zero and Duolite.  Now Antler is at it again, but this time with a four-wheeled, hard-sided, elegant line called Liquis.

How lightweight is Liquis?  The 22" carry on weighs a mere 4.4 lbs., while the large 33" case weighs just 8.4 lbs.  And they're a joy to pull along, thanks to smooth-gliding, high-tech, Japanese wheels.


To achieve the perfect balance of toughness and lightness, its shell is crafted from the best, A-grade quality Polycarbonate.  Its innovative wavy texture not only turns heads, but enhances the case's remarkable strength.

In addition, the Liquis line boasts leather handles, a TSA fixed combination lock, and a protective travel cover.  Like all Antler products, it's been subjected to rigorous testing.  It also includes a 10- year guarantee.

"Liquis is what every traveler wants," says Andrew Hamilton, president of Antler USA.  "It's lightweight, very rugged, easy to maneuver, and a terrific value."


Sold in luggage specialty stores, Liquis is available in 22", 27", and 33" sizes.  And with suggested retails of $299, $349, and $399 respectively, Liquis' prices are light and easy to handle, too.


  • Antler is a 91 year old English firm that specializes in lightweight luggage.  And while its name is new here, it's long been the #1 brand in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • In the UK, luggage typically weighs about one-third less than its heftier American cousins.  Antler engineers have spent decades solving the age-old puzzle of weight vs. durability.
  • Since Antler staged its own British invasion last year, its sales have grown by 300%, potentially making Antler the fastest-growing luggage brand in the U.S.
  • Antler's latest innovations include Revelation, a high-fashion, highly-affordable mass retail collection, and Bramble & Brown, a line of fine leather, vegetable-dyed business cases and handbags.


CONTACT: Lekas & Levine PR,,, for Antler USA

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