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Aerospace Chess Grand Master Lufthansa Pre-Positioning Pieces

24/08/2009 15:21

As Ryanair is O'Leary-transparent,so Lufthansa is hyper-opaque. Chequers vs. chess. So why is Lufthansa suggesting it dispose of bmi (completely ignoring the absolutely irrelevant minority stake held by SAS) when the entire European airline industry is heading towards a five-or-six-fold vertically-integrated future set-up?


Two reasons, possibly three. Firstly, and certainly most importantly, Lufthansa has no chance whatsoever of dislodging British Airways from its dominant Heathrow position, and this before any possible future American Airlines and Iberian Airlines tie-up. Lufthansa is looking at the bigger picture: it's competitive strength will not come from taking on British Airways at Heathrow but by facilitating the gradual undermining of BA's dominance at the world #1 international airport by increasing domestic and international pressure from a low-key airline such as flybe (formerly Jersey European Airways).


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