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78 Percent Of Americans Use The Web To Search For And Book Travel

27/11/2008 12:08

According the second annual Travel Trust Index Report released by, online travel review and booking sites continue to gain the public's trust. In fact, online travel resources are strongly preferred over more traditional options such as travel agencies, travel brochures and the news media.

The Travel Trust Index Report examines Americans' travel booking behaviors and preferences, with a focus on their trust level for the many options available to them. Among the key findings:
• 78 percent use the web to make travel decisions
• 68 percent trust the web for travel related advice
• Only 5 percent say travel agencies are their most trusted source for travel related information

'It's no secret that online review and booking sites have led to a revolution within the travel industry,' said Niamh Ní Mhír, Chief Marketing Officer. 'However, the results of the Travel Trust Index indicate just how dramatically the industry has evolved in such a short period of time. The consumer has spoken and it is clear that the web represents the dominant influencer when it comes to travel decisions.'

The research also takes a look at what factors consumers consider when determining the accuracy of a review. The top four review characteristics that consumers consider:

1. Amount of detail in the review
2. Number of reviews previously submitted by reviewer
3. Age of the reviewer
4. Nationality of reviewer

'Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable-and savvy-about online travel reviews,' continued Ní Mhír. 'No longer will they simply interpret every review as accurate. Rather, the majority of Americans treat each review individually...and with a critical eye.'

When in it comes to who Americans trust when considering online reviews, it is clear that they trust their own far more than foreigners. An overwhelming majority claim they trust other Americans. The top five 'trusted' nationalities:

1. Americans
2. Canadians
3. British
4. Germans
5. Italians

Source: TravelIndustryWire



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