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17/06/2008 11:41

Traveling consumers increase branded search queries

Gas prices may be increasing and consumers may be traveling less, but they are still traveling. Which means pay-per-click campaigns for travel marketers are still a good investment. However, there are changes that marketers need to make before embarking on a new campaign.   Now is not the time...
11/06/2008 19:44

Raffles Enters Moscow, Paris

Raffles Hotels & Resorts has gotten a foothold in Moscow; it will open a 130-room hotel in the Kitay-Gorod district three minutes from Red Square in 2011. The hotel is being developed from what was the former private residence in the mid-17th century; it subsequently was extended to include...
04/06/2008 09:59

Getting Back to the Basics: The Hotelier’s Internet Marketing Action Plan for a Difficult Economy

The slowing economy is affecting the hospitality industry in a number of negative ways: commercial bank credit is extremely tight, energy and food prices are on the rise, leisure travel consumers are staying home, and companies are re-assessing their corporate travel budgets.     Smith...
22/12/2007 10:28

What Is Advertising's Most Important Word?

If you had to guess the single most important word in advertising, what would it be? Free, special, discount, sale, new, improved, bigger, better...?   So many words have lost their meaning or been corrupted by misuse or abuse that it is not an obvious choice.   The terms "luxury,"...

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